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A space for immigrant stories, experiences and insights.

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Join immigrant founders and entrepreneurs as they share their journeys, challenges and tips.

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Grow your career with actionable insights and advice by leading career coaches and experts.


Connect with mentors and gain knowledge on everything from perosnal growth to startup funding.


Attend LIVE workshop sessions on financial literacy, mental health issues, growth & business.

Because Every Immigrant Has a Story to Tell.

The New Journey is a series of stories & conversations featuring leading thinkers, leaders and experts in immigration and diversity.You’ll read their stories and learn about their experiences in Canada; the challenges they faced and the lessons they learned along the way.Whether it’s a career change, or forging a new path as an entrepreneur, we hope these conversations will help you along your journey towards success in Canada.

Connect. Learn. Grow.

Hammad Siddiqui

Hammad Siddiqui

Career & Personal Branding Coach, Job Search Strategist

Christine Eruokwu

Christine Eruokwu

Entrepreneur, Fashion Designer, Newcomer Advisor

Raghwa Gopal Innovate BC

Raghwa Gopal

President & CEO, Innovate BC Innovator, Serial Entrepreneur

Swish Goswami

Swish Goswami

Founder & CEO, Trufan Speaker, Angel Investor

Tareq Hadhad

Tareq Hadhad

CEO & Founder, Peace By Chocolate, Public Speaker